Vacation In San Diego

The weekend came and went really fast while spending three days in San Diego. We went without the kids and so we did a lot of gas-lamp stuff – checking out new places. We watched the opening Olympic ceremonies from China at The Bitter End and what site that was, just amazing. We went to Old Town on Saturday and ate at Casa De Reyes. I only got a small margarita but the large is the size of a fish bowl, best be careful when ordering that monster. For dinner on Saturday we went to the Strip Club – a steak house where you grill the steak yourself.
The food was excellent and a nice atmosphere – a must to eat inside when dinning here. Then comes Sunday morning and we try a new coffee shop, The Brickyard. Good food and coffee and the patio area was very welcoming with the trees and greenery. From there we walked around the boardwalk to look out on the bay and then back to the condo.

A very nice weekend.


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