Bootcamp and Torturing Your Trainer

I belong to a bootcamp training class, and earlier this year we had a little competition on who in the class could lose the most weight. I won the “most weight lost” catagorey and the prize for this was to lead our instructor, Carlos, through a bootcamp class that the winner created.
Today was the day for this class and it was a lot of fun. I got to put together a work out that included everyone’s favorite exercise, thanks to those who sent me the emails: burpees, push-ups, lunges, sprints and the list goes on. While we did the work out we had a lots of spectators, several of the members from the bootcamp classes came out to watch and cheer us on. While most were there to watch Carlos get tortured, the kids wanted to participate and they did a great job and worked out with us.
I kept the bootcamp to the normal hour and we got a great workout. While I am not sure I was pushing things to the limit, it was not easy and I could be in for a tough workout at our next bootcamp once Carlos is back in charge of the class.
I can’t wait for the next contest so I can try and win that – there are so many other exercises out there I would like to do. Working out is fun, competitive and great for the mind and body.

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One comment on “Bootcamp and Torturing Your Trainer
  1. Great job winning the challenge. I just finished my first week of bootcamp and am equally dreading and looking forward to my 2nd week! Thanks for posting about your experience!

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